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We provide you with important legal information that directly relates to your Sage 30/100 generation i7 solution: in order to strengthen the fight against VAT fraud, the Finance Act 2016 brings new obligations regarding software management used by companies.

All VAT-subject professionals will be required to record their clients’ payments using a secure and certified cash registering software. In the event of a check, the fact of not justifying the use of compliant software by the production of a Certificate or Certificate of Compliance will be punished with a fine of 7,500 euros “by accounting or management software or cash system this fine may be renewed if the proof has been not presented for 60 days following the notification of the first fine.

You can read the official text of Public Finance-Taxes on the sites:



You have not signed up for an assistance contract. In this context, your current Sage 30/100 generation i7 management solution does not meet this legal obligation. There are two options:

– Until June 30, 2017, sign up for a maintenance contract on your current solution, allowing you to benefit from legal changes.

– Until December 31, 2017, migrate to Sage 100c, the new generation of Sage software, always compliant regardless of legal changes. All your data is of course recovered and you take advantage of the latest technological advances for easier management. Sage 100c will provide you with additional performance gains, whether through remote access to the solution, secure data flows, document and information sharing, or social networks…