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1. Evolution RGPD(1) in complete serenity (2)

The may 18, 2018 update proposes developments, facilitating functions and tools accompanying the compliance process with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Access security:
  • Strengthening passwords: In order to secure access to data, the solutions now inform the user of the robustness of their password. When entering, a green indicator simply tells the user if their password has a sufficient level of security: combination of letters, numbers, capitals/minuscules, symbols, and control over a list of 10,000 most passwords frequently used (thus fragile).
  • Password processing: To ensure the confidentiality of passwords, passwords can no longer be visible, including by Sage’s technical services. In the event of a loss, a temporary password can be set on the base to allow the customer to reset their password.
  • Removing personal data: The Trouvtoo search for our solutions identifies all data associated with a third party for the purpose of deleting it. Please note: the data necessary to execute the contract or the data that the law requires to keep are not deletable.
  • Processing limitation: It is now possible to exclude a customer, supplier or prospect from commercial emailing with a simple click in order to respect the consent of these third parties.
  • Documentation: In a transparent approach, a mapping of the personal data present in the software database is searchable on the online help portal to allow users to communicate to third parties who would make the requests a list of personal data retained by the software.
    For more information on the RGPD, click here.

Sage offers training to understand and control the stakes of this regulation.

2. Sky Banking Link Update (4)

In accordance with the DSP2 directive on account information and payment services, the Sky Banking Liaison service is updated. This technical evolution essential to the use of the service does not lead to any change in the use of Sky Banking Liaison.

3. Simplification of migration from Sky products

Migration from Sky offers to Sage 50cloud Sky is further facilitated. Following the installation of Sage 50cloud Ciel, the software detects at the opening the presence of the files Sky Quote/Bills, Sky Account Vintage or Sky Accounting Evolution and will automatically propose the migration of these folders.

4. Sky Quotes Bills, Sky Liberal Accounting, Sky Associations: Anti-Fraud Law Update (5)
  • The Sky Quotes, Sky Liberal Accounting and Sky Associations software are compliant with the Anti-Fraud Act and it is possible to print the certificate to certify it in case of tax control.
  • For companies subject to VAT, the certificate is available in the DGFIP Processing/Accounting Check menu/ Certified software certificate.
  • This update brings the following developments:
  • Unalterability of entries: Validated accounting entries are neither editable nor delveable.
  • Compliance of editions: Accounting editions explicitly state whether they contain unvalidated entries.
  • Unalterability of invoices: In order to comply with the latest legal regulations, a “Provisional” will appear when you print an invoice that has not yet been validated.
  • Archive Integrity: Tax records will now be digitally signed to ensure their integrity.
5. Liberal Accounting Sky Software: Updated the date of the pre-2035 state

The preparatory statement is updated to include the reporting year, which now respects the fiscal year.

(1) The information relating to the General Data Protection Regulations (‘RGPD’) provided by Sage is general in nature and provided for informational purposes. They do not constitute professional or legal advice. Sage cannot guarantee that information provided accurately reproduces a regulation or legislation that has been formally adopted. In case of disagreement, the text of the official newspaper prevails. Although Sage has done its best to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, the information is given “as is” without any guarantee, explicit or implied. Sage assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions and is not liable for damages (including, among other things, damages related to the loss of customers or profits) resulting from the use of this information or any action or decision made as a result of the use of this information. Sage products incorporate facilitating functions to assist the user in their approach to compliance with the RGPD. However, we draw users’ attention to the fact that the use of the products alone is not likely to guarantee their compliance with the RGPD. We recall that the information provided does not exempt the user of Sage products from consulting legal advice in order to obtain any useful information relating to the RGPD and to comply with it.
(2) Evolutions available in solutions: Sage 50cloud Sky, Sky Evolution, Sky Vintage, Sky Integral Management, Sky Liberal Accounting, Sky Association, Sky Auto-Entrepreneur, Sky Quotes Bills.
(3) On request of WaysUp customer support: on-demand delivery
(4) Evolutions available in underwriting solutions: Sage 50cloud Sky, Sky Account Evolution, Sky Account Vintage and Sky Full Management.
(5) Evolutions already available in Sage 50cloud Sky, Sky Vintage, Sky Evolution, Full Sky Management, now also available in solutions: Liberal Accounting Sky, Sky Associations, Sky Quotes Bills.