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The Sage Paie V10.21 version incorporates all the new features of the Sage Paie version 10 and 10.X and the Sage 100cloud Paie V1.20 version incorporates all the new features of the 100Cloud Paie version 1 and 1.X

These versions are not mandatory for the implementation of the legal innovations 2019

They allow, among other things:

– Managing salary reminders:

This version proposes the calculation of a salary recall paid in 2019 for employees who left the company in 2018 (recall bulletin function accessible for newsletters


– Declarative:
– Implementation of the listed allowing the declaration of the exceptional purchasing power premium in
Block 52: 043

– Various:
– The TOPaze file has been amended to comply with the expectations of Net-Enterprises and

to take into account unknown dates and birth departments.

– The “Payroll Data Control” report of IntuiDSN’s Stage 4 has been updated to respond to 2019 news (e.g. new retirement sections)

– For SQL versions: optimizations in the display of lists have been put in place