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Functional improvements

Availability: October 18, 2019

Insert a PDF document into a wafer template

  • The possibility of incorporating a PDF document into a wafer model on the same principle as a Word or Excel document

PDF printing for all types of paperpack

  • Integrating an option to integrate all types of doucments (bet, Word, Excel and PDF) that make up the wafer model in a PDF

Plate printing options

  • Whether or not the date and the publishing motto can be printed at the head of the documents.
  • Integrating a new option into the plate editing window
  • Setting these options in the Window – Preferences menu to keep print choices at each launch.

Import table – choose to accumulate or delete

  • The ability to delete or accumulate data already present during a table import

Topic duplication

  • It is possible to duplicate a topic in order to keep the wording in the new heading to avoid re-entering it.

Trades improvements

Compatibility with Sage 100cloud V6.00

  • Direct reading of the basics Sage 100cloud Accounting and Sage 100cloud Immobilizations in version 6.
  • Via a download on MySage, Expert Accountant Space and Partner Space

All launch releases are available on this link