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This Sage 100c v2 version continues to innovate to allow you to perform in a favourable and optimistic economic environment. It is therefore natural that Sage 100c v2 continues to support entrepreneurs in this dynamic. With even stronger connectivity to your third parties with Office 365, but also by making it easier to integrate the dematerialization of your invoices into your accounting with ScanConnect, Sage 100c is connected.

Being connected also means being even closer to your customers by connecting directly to their LinkedIn and Facebook spaces or contacting them directly via Skype for greater responsiveness and bring them directly and quickly important answers for their business.

Connected with Sage? Yes, via Sage Customer Voice: your voice counts! Easily, make your requests for functional improvements directly with Sage’s research and development. The ergonomics of Sage 100c bring you more productivity with including the current user display Sage 100c v2 also meets the needs on the commercial sector with the compatible Sage 100c

Seizure of Decentralized Fund to the Anti-Fraud Act or the industry sector with an English version of Sage 100c Production Management.

Sage 100c v2 also offers default data backup and restoration solutions and is complemented by a Smart Excel Reporting solution.



Back Up and Restoration Tools

Backing up the database and restoring the data to respond Express and SQL Server. By administrator only

Office 365

This integration will include synchronization of Outlook 365 contacts and third-party Sage 100 database, as well as an add-in Outlook that provides access from the messaging app to accounting and business data related to the Sage base 100c

Windows Server 2008

With W indows Server 2008 compatibility, Sage 100c v2 allows the market to be more agile and closer to the current uses of SMEs. This avoids the costs of migrating licenses and often equipment

Social Media Connector

Simple and fast, Sage 100c v2 offers an immediate connection with your third parties from the third-party card. An easy post of your information about their LinkedIn and Facebook space. Finally, with Skype, get in touch directly with your third parties

Decentralized Cash Seizure: SCD 100c v2

Sage 100c v2 SCD is compatible with anti-fraud law. Beware, this is not the case with Sage SCD i7.


Dematerialize your invoices directly in your Sage 100c Accounting. With ScanConnect, this is fast, secure and automatic. ScanConnect is benefiting from the major advances in this high-demand business. In addition, ScanConnect allows automatic scanning and transfer in Sage 100c Accounting, higher recognition rate, validation workflows and native integration with Sage Document Manager

Sage Document Manager

The new version of Sage Document Manager incorporates more security thanks to its FNTC Electronic Fort Box (Standard NF Z 42-020), a mastery of access to documents to preserve the confidentiality of information (Electronic Signature…).

Navigation and processes are even simpler by optimizing connectivity with the enterprise ecosystem that allows faster access to information, with fewer clicks that increase the productivity of employees, and therefore of the company.

Sage BI Reporting

The Reporting solution under Excel on Sage 100c. Sage BI Reporting allows you to continue working on Excel® while multiplying its reporting capabilities. Users can build and update dashboards on Excel® by querying Sage’s data in real time with formulas. They can also shape data with Excel® enhanced or set-up features.

Sage 100c v2 Platinum Company

This offer is a bundle that contains all the modules with a very aggressive price in order to promote more attractive the ERP offer and increase the ARPAC, you will receive more information to come on this offer in the coming days.

Several functional improvement points are proposed


Review of technical requirements / compatibility W indows Server 2008 R2 View of the connected user in the status bar

Gescom: closing functionality to validate documents from a given period, in addition to tax backup


New state ‘Payment Deadline Report’ Provisional Printing Mention on Margin

Production management: Operator calendar, English version, CBN optimization

Sage 100c Sales Force: Social Networks, Dashboards…