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With a view to optimizing the functionality of Sage 100cloud, the Sage editor has removed some features that have become obsolete or very little used.

Below is a list of these deleted features:

versionFieldfunctiondescriptionPatternSuggested alternative
100c v1.0RangeSage CalculatorCalculator tool built into applicationsVery low usage rateOutdated technologyWindows calculator
100c v1.0RangeFile printingPrinting all the parameters of the folderVery low utilization rateSettings directly accessible in the folder
100c v1.0RangeMicrosoft FaxDocument/reporting function by faxVery low usage rateOutdated technologyEmail/ eFacture
100c v1.0RangeSage Business SyncData sync tool for Sage Customer View, Sage Reports and Sage Business Mobile appsOffers on maintenance stoppage on 16/01/2018Sage BI Reporting
100c v1.0AccountingTax archiving via Sage DirectOption in the tax backup assistant to transmit data to Sage Direct for DVD engravingNew management of tax safeguards via archives signed under the Anti-Fraud ActTax archiving function
100c v1.0AccountingExport balanceSpecific export formats: Microlucien / Arpège / Sage SpainObsoitic FormatsProjects StoppedExport set-up
100c v1.0AccountingExport format EDIFACTEDI specific export format of accounting plan, accounting entries, balance and ledgerVery low usage rateOutdated formatExport set-up
100c v1.0AccountingCycle reviewProduction of the review file specific to AccountantsModule without recent developmentsPed to accountantsExpert-Accountant Offer
100c v1.0AccountingSync moreData sync function (add/delete/change) between the Accountant offer and Sage 100 / SkyVery low utilization rateUnmaintained function in the relevant range (Expert, Sky)Simple sync function (always operational)
100c v1.0Business managementDriver ActThird-party synchronization tool/contacts with the CRM Act solutionSolution Act in Marketing ShutdownSage 100cloud Sales Force / Customer Service
100c v1.0Business managementCompactionConsolidation/compression function of recorded documentsNon-problematic storage spaceIncompatible with Anti Fraud LawTax archiving function
100c v3.0RangeEuropass’ portBase conversion function (currencies, third parties, etc.) from franc to EuroIncompatible with the Anti-FraudAct, Which is not available todayN/A
100c v3.0RangeHelp topics / ManualLocal consultation of the user manual in CHM or PDF formatCentralization of online help centre materialsOnline Help Centre
100c v3.0AccountingIbanisation / Enrichment of bank detailsIBAN and BIC generation service from a group of bank accountsIncompatible with the RGPD due to the transit of unsecured personal dataVery lowUsage RatesIBAN now widespread and provided systematicallyUnit generation of IBAN still available
100c v3.0RangeArchive controlOption allowing the closing of entries after generation of the VAT return, limit to 2 unclosed years and proposal to close the entries in accounting update.Vat Anti-Fraud Act ComplianceOption now unchangeable:
– Accounting: 2 maximum non-closed exercises, temporary and definitive systematic impression watermark.
– Payment means, Business management: Closinged writings in a messageless accounting update
– ECF, Immo, Tréso: Message in accounting update proposing the closing of entries.
100c v3.0AccountingTreatment / Closing ExerciseYear-end functionConfirmation Of VAT Anti-Fraud ActProcessing/Tax Backup of Data
100c v3.0Business managementTrigger Unified RegulationsFunction of transferring settlements entered in Accounting to Commercial ManagementIncompatible with the Anti Fraud ActIntegration of regulations from the “Generation of Regulations” function