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Paie and HR news is rich! Launch of Sage 100cloud Paie and HR, Legal Pack, BI reporting. In addition to the new features produced, including Source Levy, read about the evolutionofs of the Sage payroll solution.

Sage 100cloud Paie and RH – New Product Mix

Sage EDI Online

The generalization of the DSN in 2017 has led to a change in the relationship between companies and social organizations: from now on it is the software that makes the interface.
Connected to its ecosystem, Sage 100cloud Paie and HR offers a new user experience for the transmission and tracking of DSNs – with Sage EDI Online: – DSNs are transmitted directly from Sage DS (without Direct Sage)

Following the sending of The NSDs, users are notified in the Intui’Sage of Pay when new statuses are available (DSN accepted/rejected)
The service can be used in a multi-user network
The status of declarations and business balance sheets can also be accessed outside the Payroll, at any time from a simple internet browser

The withdrawal rates at source will be received directly in the Payroll and can be integrated with a single click.

Sage Customer Voice

Sage Customer Voice allows users to participate in the construction of the next version of Sage 100cloud Paie and HR

With Sage Customer Voice, customers and partners can submit reviews and requests for functional improvement and vote for the most relevant requests

Facilitator functions for the RGPD

Facilitating functions to support the user in his approach to compliance with the RGPD

The withdrawal at source

Salary recall

New feature to easily handle new salary recall requirements:
Salary recall for out-of-the-way employees: the possibility of calculating a ballot
complementary with the rates of the month of release

From Sage Edition Piloted to Sage

I7 Paie customers who migrate to Sage 100cloud Paie and HR:

Keep the states piloted (with their specific set states) until 31/12/2019 at the latest

Sage BI Reporting for Payroll is a new solution that allows you to carry out reports and dashboards, simply from Excel, to share them with a simple click!

And to benefit from a catalogue of pre-set and customizable business states:

States for bDES
A staff register
Control states
Statements of analysis of remuneration, staffing, absenteeism …