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The beginning of 2017 will be marked by the major launches in France of global solutions, Sage One and Sage Live, as well as Sage 50c and Sage 100c of the new generation Connect.

Sage Live: the new global 100 cloud and mobile accounting solution that enriches Sage’s offering for businesses with 10 to 200 employees
Launched successfully in the United States in 2015, Canada and the United Kingdom in 2016, Sage Live will be available in January 2017 in France, Germany and Spain. This new solution, new on the market, is distinguished by:

Its technological power
Developed on the Salesforce App Cloud platform, the solution integrates with more than 3,000 apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange and brings together all the applications and management tools, often in silo, into one solution management. Fully customizable, Sage Live allows you to create a custom analytics and have custom dashboards with all the management data in real time. Multi-country, multi-currency and multi-company, Sage Live is a powerful solution able to support business growth.

Its new features are revolutionizing the way accounting is done
Entrepreneurs can now have a complete view of their operations at their fingertips, from creating the customer quote, to entering and settling the invoice. The tool allows entrepreneurs to execute their operations entirely in the cloud, automate data recovery and save valuable time to focus on developing their business. The entrepreneur can handle the day-to-day tasks “on-the-go”, access the company’s strategic information in real time and carry out even the most complex operations from his smartphone.

Sage One: the new global 100-cloud and mobile management solution for businesses with 1 to 10 employees
100 cloud, Sage One is the new benchmark management solution for start-ups, artisans and TPEs around the world. While most companies with 1 to 10 employees still use Excel spreadsheets for billing, Sage provides them with a simple and intuitive tool that meets their time-saving needs, as well as support and simplicity. management.
In addition to the traditional features of a management/accounting solution, Sage One goes further and puts mobility at the heart of its offering.

Sage One is fast, even for novices in management, with its mobile apps, Sage Expenditure and Billing. Very intuitive it allows you to record expenses, create bills and raise unpaid bills. The complementary web application offers even more features to effectively manage its business, such as bank score, dashboard, quote creation or VAT management.
This simple and intuitive tool saves time on a daily basis (expenses, revenues, invoices, etc.) and also allows you to collaborate better with your accountant thanks to a space that allows you to share information in a secure way.

The Sage One offer will be available in January under different customizable options depending on the company’s profile.

Sage launches new generation of “Connect” solutions and introduces Sage 50c and Sage 100c
Sage 50c, a new simplified and connected offer for EPTs
Sage 50c is the result of a modernization and redesign of local reference management solutions, in France, Sage 50c is derived from the Ciel range. This new accounting solution, enriched and offering complete interoperability with Microsoft Office 365, allows entrepreneurs to track and control their accounting and finance more efficiently. With this new offering, Sage is making the security and reliability of its reference software available to its users by adding new cloud and mobile services. Sage 50c gives entrepreneurs around the world the freedom, control and automation of the tasks they need to increase productivity: access to mobile business information, real-time insight into key indicators to help them decision-making more quickly and documentdematerialization.

Among the many features of the solution:

Sync company contacts stored in Outlook and Sage 50c. The solution ensures access to contacts (and all associated information and notes) from any platform at any time.
Dematerializing and safeguarding company documents in a secure cloud storage space, allowing entrepreneurs to keep only the most important documents on Microsoft OneDrive.
The creation of optimized dashboards thanks to the functional enrichment of the Excel spreadsheet with the Sage Intelligence and Sage Dashboard modules, for a global view of key indicators of activity and rapid decision support.
The sage 50c version that will be available in March will include Outlook and One Drive, before a new, more complete version scheduled for June (Sage Capture, Sage Intelligence, Sage Dashboard)

Sage 100c: more than a management solution, a collaborative platform of the company for a 360-degree vision of its ecosystem for SMEs with 10 to 200 employees:
Sage 100c is a new range of management solutions that enable the company to have a set of cloud management tools that are connected and customizable.
This new offering is highly innovative and adapts to the new demands of entrepreneurs and new ways of working in the company. Sage 100c connects the entire internal and external environment of the company in a new way. It ensures interconnection with this ecosystem through remote access to the solution, secure data flows, document sharing and the integration of social networks into a collaborative dynamic. This allows the company to constantly interact with its environment in order to optimize its value chain and offer a unique experience to its customers.

Available in January, Sage 100c is an integrated and modular offering that covers all of the company’s management needs.

“These new solutions are the image of today’s entrepreneurs: connected, mobile and smart. The year 2017 will be full of new features with globally launched cloud solutions such as Sage One and Sage Live, as well as the new generation of Connect Sage 50c and Sage 100c solutions. These cloud-based solutions will truly empower businesses to capitalize on digital technology to increase productivity and performance. These solutions enrich our offer so that every entrepreneur finds what he needs, regardless of his size, his industry, and his journey in his digital transformation project. explains Claude Cordier, Marketing and Product Director of Sage.