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Datadock is the name of the unique database created by the 20 OPCAs and OPACIF who recently published the joint list of 21 indicators to validate the compliance by training organizations of the six quality criteria set by the decree of 30 June 2015 , which came into force on January 1, 2017.

This common base of indicators thus defined allows the creation of this unique and mutualized database between OPCA and OPACIF. Datadock will allow all information about providers to be centralised in one place that meets or not meets the quality criteria.

The referencing of training organizations, how does it work?

It will provide evidence that training organizations will need to provide to certify their compliance with the criteria imposed by the labour code. The Opca will then be able to carry out the referencing of the providers they finance. Warning: they will be free to ask them for additional information, so Datadock is by no means a quality recognition or a finality but a step to be financed in 2017: No training organization will be able to get paid for training if it is not registered on Datadock.

As agreed, a simplification procedure will be available to holders of one of the 12 labels or quality certification (to date 24 October 2016) selected by CNEFOP.