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Here is the list of new Sage 100cloud Version 4.xx (Released November 23, 2018)


The search area now allows you to specify the desired search method in order to meet the habits and needs of each user.
  • Whole word: The search is for a word or group of words, on all text-type fields in the lists,
    • Starts with: (new), the search focuses on a word start on all text-type fields in the lists,
  • Entitled: (new), specific to customer/supplier lists: the search focuses on the “contains” of characters entered in the search area and present in the title of customers/suppliers.
    • Designation: (new), specific to the list of articles: the search focuses on the “contains” of characters entered in the search area and present in the article designation

New online help centres

  • User-oriented with new ergonomics
  • Simple with a main online help center organization and dedicated online help centers:

Accounting and tax states,
Sage 100cloud hosted,
Sage BI Reporting,
Production management,
Wise eFacture


  • In data archiving, optimization of third-party and general scales allowing the printing of the period alone
  • The presence of more than two unfenced exercises is no longer blocking at the opening. The blocking message is replaced with a warning message. “Exercise XXXX is not closed! It is recommended that a data tax backup be closed at least once a year. » . The limitation is on the creation of the fiscal year: creating 2019 will only be possible if the 2017, 2016 and 2015 financial years are closed


  • If the company is outside the scope defined in the BOI-TVA-DECLA-30-10-30-20180704 then it is possible to declare: At the first opening of the company, the Administrator determines whether or not it is subject to the LAF.

o Activation/Deactivation is recorded in the Legal Events Log

o The word “Provisional copy” no longer appears on the printing of unvalidated invoices

o Combining a settlement with an invoice no longer has the effect of validating the registrations

o A down payment remains changeable until it is accounted for

o The records remain secure when invoices are validated and settlements are counted.

o The features to manage the cash registers are not affected by the option (cash checkout regulations, cash movements, etc.) – The cash register system is required to be certified

  • “Validate” function of the invoice:

o Taking into account default models at the customer and then company level

o Selecting the model to use for validation

o Preservation of print/validation preferences

  • Pdf invoices in Language 1 and 2: taking into account the model used in printing
  • Entering the settlement date when selecting the deadlines to be settled
  • Commercial question article: Compatibility of date and serial/lot criteria
  • Customer/Supplier and Models/ Typical Benefits Subscriptions: Filterable Lists, Sorting