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Features and customer benefits

  1. Litigation by the piece

Sage Recovery Receivables already offered the possibility of putting a client in dispute.

The new piecemeal litigation feature now allows for a longer-term dispute and thus a finer granularity in tracking deadlines to get paid faster and simpler.

Each piece in dispute is prefixed with the red icon (L) for even greater visibility in each client’s account situation.

  1. Tracking deadlines

Sage Recovery Receivables is further enriched with the follow-up of maturities.

In addition to the Who owes you What allows you to track outstandings per customer, tracking deadlines gives you increased visibility on which parts to raise. Tracking deadlines is customizable according to several filter criteria such as customer profile, settlement method or deadlines in dispute.

Collaboration with employees involved in customer raises is further enhanced with the possibility of exporting .csv or .xls deadlines under Excel.

Note that The Excel export is limited to 1000 lines to guarantee the best customer experience. Beyond that, it is recommended to use the planned export functionality available in the Gold version of Sage Recovery Receivables.