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A new version of Sage 100cloud Recovery Receivables

Features and customer benefits Litigation by the piece Sage Recovery Receivables already offered the possibility of putting a client in dispute. The new piecemeal litigation feature now allows for a longer-term dispute and thus a finer granularity in tracking deadlines to get paid faster and simpler. Each piece in dispute is prefixed with the red […]

Sage 100 v2 – An even more powerful new version

This Sage 100c v2 version continues to innovate to allow you to perform in a favourable and optimistic economic environment. It is therefore natural that Sage 100c v2 continues to support entrepreneurs in this dynamic. With even stronger connectivity to your third parties with Office 365, but also by making it easier to integrate the dematerialization of […]

A new version of Sage 50cloud Ciel coming soon

Find out what’s new Sage 50cloud Ciel A new version of Sage 50cloud Ciel will be available on February 8. Check out the changes in this update now: MULTI-USER GESTION IN LAN RESEAU Your customers can use their solution in a local network by storing the database on their company’s server: They maintain optimal productivity, […]

Sage 100cloud version 3.00 – Even more efficient

Sage vous donne la possibilité de bénéficier régulièrement de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Voici la liste des nouveautés Sage 100cloud Version 3.00 GAMME Renforcement de la sécurité – Paramètres de sécurité avec une incitation forte à mettre en place les paramètres du mot de passe – Obligation de saisir un mot de passe en création de base – Proposition […]

Check out all the latest Sage 50cloud ciel and ciel news

1. Evolution RGPD(1) in complete serenity (2) The may 18, 2018 update proposes developments, facilitating functions and tools accompanying the compliance process with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Access security: Strengthening passwords: In order to secure access to data, the solutions now inform the user of the robustness of their password. When entering, a […]

The Sage range of software packages is evolving!

In its development perspective and in order to streamline its offer, Sage has evolved its entire range under the name Business Cloud. In February, Sage 100c became Sage 100cloud as well as Sage 50c Ciel which becomes Sage 50cloud Ciel! Only the name changes to align with our Sage Business Cloud strategy. Sage Business Cloud […]

Sage 100cloud Paie and RH: Discover the new offer

Paie and HR news is rich! Launch of Sage 100cloud Paie and HR, Legal Pack, BI reporting. In addition to the new features produced, including Source Levy, read about the evolutionofs of the Sage payroll solution. Sage 100cloud Paie and RH – New Product Mix Sage EDI Online The generalization of the DSN in 2017 has […]

Sage 100cloud – List of deleted features

With a view to optimizing the functionality of Sage 100cloud, the Sage editor has removed some features that have become obsolete or very little used. Below is a list of these deleted features: version Field function description Pattern Suggested alternative 100c v1.0 Range Sage Calculator Calculator tool built into applications Very low usage rateOutdated technology […]

Sage 100cloud Paie and HR version 1.2 is now available!

The main purpose of this version is to integrate the new specifications DADS-U and DSN 2019, as well as to manage certain specific cases of the PAS. Download details of updates on the entire Sage 100cloud range on our space by clicking on the following link