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Pass your annual closing on Sage 100cloud Accounting Through this video, you will be able to achieve your accounting closure on Sage 100cloud Accounting. However, a number of steps remain essential: Accounting data control: Check the type of deferral for each general account Do third-party account lettering Situation logs must not include any writing Print the cash check and make sure the […]

Anti-VAT Fraud Act

We provide you with important legal information that directly relates to your Sage 30/100 generation i7 solution: in order to strengthen the fight against VAT fraud, the Finance Act 2016 brings new obligations regarding software management used by companies. All VAT-subject professionals will be required to record their clients’ payments using a secure and certified […]

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1. Evolution RGPD(1) in complete serenity (2) The may 18, 2018 update proposes developments, facilitating functions and tools accompanying the compliance process with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Access security: Strengthening passwords: In order to secure access to data, the solutions now inform the user of the robustness of their password. When entering, a […]

RGPD: New business regulations

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into effect. Validated in April 2016, it strengthens the protection of citizens and therefore increases the obligations of all businesses (including e-commerce sites). Whatever their size and activity, they must now organize to be in compliance. If the company is the victim of […]

Fiscal Calendar – Campaign 2019

Companies equipped with Sage 100 Accounting and Tax States are invited to update their applications according to the tax calendar. DECLARATIONS: 14/12/2018* Version 11.40 of Sage States Accountants and Tax, mandatory for the 2019 tax campaign and incorporating:– IFU forms (sheets 2561) 04/02/2019* Making available the Tax Maj containing the forms Rcm:Sheet 2777-D-SD 07/02/2019* EDI-Payment […]

The new version of Sage States Accountants and Tax 11.40 version is available…

Functional improvements Resuming situations outside of exercise creation Integrating a new assistant into the Processing – Complement and Control menu to create situations with the same periods of a previous year. Consultation of the observations entered in the balance It is possible to enter, delete or view an account observation by double-clicking on an account […]

Sage 100 Accounting and Tax Account is available in version 13

Functional improvements Availability: October 18, 2019 Insert a PDF document into a wafer template The possibility of incorporating a PDF document into a wafer model on the same principle as a Word or Excel document PDF printing for all types of paperpack Integrating an option to integrate all types of doucments (bet, Word, Excel and […]