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Anti-VAT Fraud Act

We provide you with important legal information that directly relates to your Sage 30/100 generation i7 solution: in order to strengthen the fight against VAT fraud, the Finance Act 2016 brings new obligations regarding software management used by companies. All VAT-subject professionals will be required to record their clients’ payments using a secure and certified […]

Digital: Accounting experts on their way to new practices

Despite their fears about technology, accountants admit that automation is a key part of their future. An international study reveals that 86  accounting experts perceive as the benefits of technology the freeing of their administrative tasks, and the opportunity to focus on their clients and develop their practices.   Sage, the market leader in cloud […]

Income tax levy deferred to January 2019

One of the measures of the last finance law, the levy at the source of income tax will not see the light of day as early as 2018. The Prime Minister has just announced the postponement of this reform to1 January 2019. It should be remembered that the tax will then be levied directly by the employer on […]

Fiscal Calendar – Campaign 2019

Companies equipped with Sage 100 Accounting and Tax States are invited to update their applications according to the tax calendar. DECLARATIONS: 14/12/2018* Version 11.40 of Sage States Accountants and Tax, mandatory for the 2019 tax campaign and incorporating:– IFU forms (sheets 2561) 04/02/2019* Making available the Tax Maj containing the forms Rcm:Sheet 2777-D-SD 07/02/2019* EDI-Payment […]