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Sage 100 v2 – An even more powerful new version

This Sage 100c v2 version continues to innovate to allow you to perform in a favourable and optimistic economic environment. It is therefore natural that Sage 100c v2 continues to support entrepreneurs in this dynamic. With even stronger connectivity to your third parties with Office 365, but also by making it easier to integrate the dematerialization of […]

A new version of Sage 50cloud Ciel coming soon

Find out what’s new Sage 50cloud Ciel A new version of Sage 50cloud Ciel will be available on February 8. Check out the changes in this update now: MULTI-USER GESTION IN LAN RESEAU Your customers can use their solution in a local network by storing the database on their company’s server: They maintain optimal productivity, […]

Sage 100cloud version 3.00 – Even more efficient

Sage vous donne la possibilité de bénéficier régulièrement de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Voici la liste des nouveautés Sage 100cloud Version 3.00 GAMME Renforcement de la sécurité – Paramètres de sécurité avec une incitation forte à mettre en place les paramètres du mot de passe – Obligation de saisir un mot de passe en création de base – Proposition […]

Check out all the latest Sage 50cloud ciel and ciel news

1. Evolution RGPD(1) in complete serenity (2) The may 18, 2018 update proposes developments, facilitating functions and tools accompanying the compliance process with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Access security: Strengthening passwords: In order to secure access to data, the solutions now inform the user of the robustness of their password. When entering, a […]

Sage 100cloud Paie and HR version 1.2 is now available!

The main purpose of this version is to integrate the new specifications DADS-U and DSN 2019, as well as to manage certain specific cases of the PAS. Download details of updates on the entire Sage 100cloud range on our space by clicking on the following link

The new version of Sage States Accountants and Tax 11.40 version is available…

Functional improvements Resuming situations outside of exercise creation Integrating a new assistant into the Processing – Complement and Control menu to create situations with the same periods of a previous year. Consultation of the observations entered in the balance It is possible to enter, delete or view an account observation by double-clicking on an account […]

New version of Sage Paie v. 10.21 and Sage Paie 100cloud v. 1.20

The Sage Paie V10.21 version incorporates all the new features of the Sage Paie version 10 and 10.X and the Sage 100cloud Paie V1.20 version incorporates all the new features of the 100Cloud Paie version 1 and 1.X These versions are not mandatory for the implementation of the legal innovations 2019 They allow, among other […]

Discover all aspects of the new version 5 of Sage 100cloud

Version 5 consolidates all the pillars of Sage 100cloud’s value proposition: cash, mobility, cloud connectivity, openness, customization, collaboration, modernization and security. Check out all these new features. Office 365 / Innovation: Online payment: Stripe / Paypal (see video presentation) Sage Debt Recovery (Clearnox Partnership) Microsoft SSO: Windows / Active Directory / Office 365 (see video […]

Stopping Piloted Editions

This point concerns only Sage 100cloud Accounting and Sage 100cloud Commercial Management. The Sage 100 park currently having Piloted Editions will still have this functionality as part of their migrations to the higher versions until the end of maintenance on December 31, 2019. The migration within the framework of the 100cloud will not require a […]

Sage 100 Accounting and Tax Account is available in version 13

Functional improvements Availability: October 18, 2019 Insert a PDF document into a wafer template The possibility of incorporating a PDF document into a wafer model on the same principle as a Word or Excel document PDF printing for all types of paperpack Integrating an option to integrate all types of doucments (bet, Word, Excel and […]